Week 8 Blog Post 1

After doing some research I think that Instagram will probably be the best way for me to sell my product. I think the other websites are good visual platforms but for my Ice Cream business it just is not helpful. I think that Youtube is a great visual platform when you are selling yourself or a brand. Youtubers that promote their merchandise or them selves obviously use Youtube to get out there. From their they may also launch other products but they get their viewers and business started on Youtube. I think Pinterest is a great place to promote a product you have created your self. For those artistic people possibly selling their craft, Pinterest is a great place for your product to get exposure and shared because that is a big trend on that website.

I am selling Ice Cream at a brick and mortar place. If I was counting on selling my ice cream online, that would be a different story. Instagram would be a great place to get exposure through things like likes and sharing. Instagram is w…

Blog Post Week 7 Part 2

Not sure if I did this right but these pictures are my posts currently live on Facebook, and my future posts.

My first couple of posts were simple posts to grab my audience attention. It also to set the mood for how my page is going to be. Fun and colorful. Next I also have scheduled three posts for later this week. The first one will post tomorrow. I made it a poll. By having a poll incorporated with my post I am already having my customers engage. For the most part people like me participate in polls because they want to see how they rank up to others or just easy way to express their opinion. For those who may not want to interact I gave them a incentive. I am making the users pick between two flavors. The flavor that receives the most votes will have a discounted price at a later time. This insures three things. 1) I find out what flavor my customers prefer for future reference. 2) I know I will have to make extra of this flavor  because the customers will be expecting this flavo…

Blog Post Week 7 Part 1

This week we had to like 7 pages as our business. I chose the following pages
Dolce Italian Ice
Dessert Insider
Beyond Meat
City of Vista
Visit San Diego.

One of the first choices I made was an already existing company in San Diego that also does ice cream. In this case Dolce Italian Ice is also a vegan ice cream shop. Some people might think  that why would I like someone who is my competition. Yes we are both in the ice cream business but their ice cream is Italian, and its a more grainy texture. Our ice creams are different. It is important for me to make a connection with some one that is doing something similar. They are a small business, vegan, in San Diego. I will be making Mexican ice cream which sets us apart.

The following two businesses I would like to network are food companies. Tasty and Dessert Insider both promote food and desserts. If I made a connection with either one of theses companies I would have my ice cream introduced to a huge audience. We menti…

Week 6 Blog Post

On Facebook post reach is exactly what it sounds like. It is how many people saw your posts. It is important to note that even though someone might have seen your post multiple times the results of how many people have reached your posts will still be counted as a one. Post engagement is when a Facebook user actually likes, shares, or comments on your posts.

It is important to know the difference because if you are running a Facebook page it is important to make sure your goal is post engagement. Post engagement plays a important role in Facebook's logarithm of what it shows its users. For example if some one likes a couple of your posts, even though they might not be following you, it might be more likely that your new posts will show up in their feed. This is good because it exposes you to people that have liked your stuff before. It get your more engagement and helps your reach new users as well.

By using Facebook insights you are using a very essential tool to help your busine…

Week 5 Post 2

My Target Market

First I think it is important to note that I want to open an ice cream shop. Ever since I decided that I wanted to open my own business and what I was passionate about, I always thought ice cream was a great representation. Originally I wanted to market to Mexican American market because I can relate to that. Now that I am growing older I am in a different part in my life. I have been considering going vegan for a while now so my market must also reflect those vegans in it.

My ice cream is going to represent me. In order for my business to thrive I need to focus on what I am good at and find those people and bring them too me. I live in southern California. One of our closest neighborhoods is Mexico. I am Mexican and grew up eating Mexican ice cream. So my main target the Hispanic community and ice cream lover. The vibe I want for my place is to be modern and focus on the younger generation or millennial. I feel like they are currently making a big difference, are a d…

Week 5 Post 1

Today I am going to focus on Set 1. This consist of Armstrong Gardens and Myrtle Creek Garden.  First of I would like to say I spent a lot more time on the Armstrong Garden page. This is not because I rushed through the second page but Armstrong was just so much more inviting. The color scheme, the organization, the photos and font were all so welcoming. So much so that I almost considered visiting the location but I remembered I do not have space in my apartment for gardening.

The sites material was very similar. It had catalogs about all the different plants and flower you can buy at their store. The website also presented career opportunities if you were interested in working as a gardener. Both sites also provided services from consultations to free design for landscapes. On the first page they also advertised their events and their sales currently going on or at least pretty recent. They also had a dedicated about page but every online page should also have this.

Now when it came…

Blog Post Week 4 Part 2
When choosing my websites, I went to my homepage on Chrome where it shows my most visited pages. Netflix is a popular streaming service where users and their families can stream their favorite shows and movies.  Before searching or picking up where you left off Netflix asks the user who’s account you want to access. This way parents and kids can have a different series lined up to watch or if they are watching the same show they can pick up where they exactly left off and not their family member. That simple option that makes the user right off the bat chose an account is a great feature of the website.
Similar to Toyota and Apple this website has its options going down from left to right. This is super important because users pick a category and can scroll through the options or move on to the next all on the same page. Other pages when offering various options require you to load new pages and click through a web of link. Another awesome feature that w…