Blog Post Week 4 Part 2
When choosing my websites, I went to my homepage on Chrome where it shows my most visited pages. Netflix is a popular streaming service where users and their families can stream their favorite shows and movies.  Before searching or picking up where you left off Netflix asks the user who’s account you want to access. This way parents and kids can have a different series lined up to watch or if they are watching the same show they can pick up where they exactly left off and not their family member. That simple option that makes the user right off the bat chose an account is a great feature of the website.
Similar to Toyota and Apple this website has its options going down from left to right. This is super important because users pick a category and can scroll through the options or move on to the next all on the same page. Other pages when offering various options require you to load new pages and click through a web of link. Another awesome feature that w…

Blog Post Week 4 Part 1

Websites that need Improving
The first link I accessed was MGBD Parts and services. I chose this link because I was not really familiar with it. As soon as I was redirected, I could not help but laugh. This is important to note because I could not take this website seriously. If a consumer can not take a website seriously why would they take their business there.Secondly There are to many things going on in the first page. I do not know where to look or find what I need because I am looking everywhere. Eventually I realized that on the left-hand side was the menu. That is usually where customers go to move on to the next page for what ever they need. The font is in red, and instead of having a plain background it has a green car. The color choices make it really hard to read what it says.
To improve this website, I would cut down on the number of pictures of cars. If the user wants to have multiple cars have then all in one picture and not behind letter. This way a user is more able to…

Blog Post Week 3 Part 2

Business 1

1. Wendy's
3. They are using twitter.
4. There social media is really well used.
5. Last post was yesterday
6. When I had to pick social media for a business, I automatically thought of Wendy's. I think Wendy's is doing a great job getting the attention of millennial. They are sometimes funny and usually have jokes and "clap backs". I think the format for Wendy's is less professional for replying to users but it does a great job advertising which is also important in social media. That is the whole point why they were created in the first place.

Business 2

1. Carmelitas
2. They do not have a website.
3. They do not have a website but they have a facebook.
4. They post constantly.
5. They just posted 2 hours ago.
6. This is already very different from Wendy's. It is a small business so I think the standards are a little different. They are an …

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Blog Post Week 3 Part 1

I have experienced communicating with a business. I had bought some giant bubbles for soccer, and was trying to get some answers for my particular product. I had emailed them initially but got no response. So I thought that social media would be the faster way. As soon as I got back an answer from social media I got one through email as well.

I definitely thing that social media gets you noticed faster than email. Getting the problem solved faster sometimes is better through email though. This is because when they follow up with you it is usually with email. I don't really reach out through social media, only reason I did was I was desperate for the reply.

If I had social media for my business I would definitely focus on answering them all on  a timely manner. If I can check my social media everyday and reply to people, I can also make it a habit to reply to other users. It might be harder for bigger business to communicate through social media but it shouldn't be for small bu…

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Week 2 Assignment

All social media is geared towards personal use. Some of them have more of a community base interaction while others are more one on one level.Twitter does a great job of this. When it comes down to business, there are some social media that are more effective.  The first one that comes to mind is Facebook.  Instagram is also famous for promotions, but the one I think people forget about is Snapchat.

All of these social medias work well for both but some are more suitable than others for business. Twitter I think is the one least likely to promote anything. Twitter has so many tweets going out that some posts get lost. This is due to the fact that it is only 140 characters. Sometimes twitter is just treated like a diary to post and not really read. On the other hand we have other platforms that excel in promotion.
 For example, Facebook is a great way to get your small business out there because you are able to post events and set it up like a website. Users are already on Facebook a …